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  • Can The PROSEC.CO Truck be used for community festivals, such as the Carmel Fest? If so, can we charge per glass?
    Please inquire to discuss options.
  • Do you provide glasses?
    Yes, plastic flutes for the prosecco, plastic cups for beer and plastic wine glasses for wine.
  • When will the truck arrive prior to my event?
    We will arrive 45 minutes to an hour before your event. If you need us there prior, please inquire to see if it’s possible.
  • Can I rent The PROSEC.CO Truck for photo opportunities?
    Yes, but alcohol will not be provided. It is $500 for two hours. We may be able to accommodate two locations, if feasible.
  • Are both trucks available for one event?
    Yes, please inquire for pricing.
  • Will there be someone attending to the truck during my event?
    Yes, a qualified attendant will be at The PROSEC.CO Truck to serve your guests for the duration of your reservation.
  • Can we split the time of our reservation between different dates? For example, if I bought three hours, can it be used over two different dates?
    All reservations must be used for one date and for consecutive hours.
  • May we purchase additional beer, wine or prosecco if what we have purchased runs out during our event?
    Unfortunately, whatever beer, wine or prosecco you purchased with your package is final and we cannot add additional beer, wine or prosecco during the event; however, if you still have beer, wine or prosecco available once your reservation is set to end, you may purchase additional time to have The PROSEC.CO Truck on site.
  • How many bottles are in a keg of prosecco?
    Approximately 26.5 (750ml) bottles of prosecco are in one keg of prosecco.


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